Absolutely Free: A Biblical Reply to Lordship Salvation (Hodges)

AWESOME title; fantastic, very edifying book! I read it in one sitting. It is crystal clear on the gospel and the simple requirement of faith (plus nothing) in Christ for the free gift of salvation. It is a little unclear on the revelation of greater grace (js4.6 for the Christian life, a little worksy after salvation), but rightly divides beautifully the distinction between salvation and discipleship, which Lordship "salvationists" like to confuse, muddling the one condition (faith) of the gospel of His free gift of grace (which costs nothing because He finished the work) with the ongoing condition for discipleship (losing your life), in a legalistic radical desire to eradicate babes in Christ don't grow to their expectation. Not sure what happened later in life in his belief system etc., but this one is pretty good and I enjoyed it.

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