Strong's Exhaustive Concordance: Compact Edition with Dictionaries of Hebrew and Greek Words Complete & Unabridged (Strong)

This is one of the best Strong's concordances in that it's compact, yet still exhaustive. Letters are quite small so you'll need good eyes. If you could read that you're probably fine. This edition is out of print so you'll have to get it 2nd hand. There's also another white cover one
available in addition to the green one. Both are good. The Strong's concordance is the the main study tool you'll need to take with you, anywhere in the world. Searches by english word (KJV). Also gives a "Strong's number" in the margin for that word in each verse, which corresponds to the greek & hebrew dictionary at the back, as well as with many other study tools which use the Strongs numbering system. These are becoming harder and harder to come by these days. I have 5, hopefully to last a life time!

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