The Englishman's Hebrew Concordance of the Old Testament (Wigram)

***** This is one of my most frequently used, and most highly recommended study tools *****
Unlike the Strong's concordance, which does an english word search in the KJV, this Hebrew concordance does a word search in the original language on any particular hebrew word you want.
The Strong's could search an english, but miss verses you might need where other english words were used,
and it might include verses you might not be looking for, that happened to translate using that english word. The Englishman's would search every single time God used a particular Hebrew word, no matter what english word it was translated as, and it would put the translated word in italics, so you can scan down the page and see different ways it was translated throughout the OT. It also allows you to see similar words in proximity to the word you're looking at, to see variations in meaning and learn word pictures.

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