85 More! (TBS Digidoc - 85 More older doctrine booklets from Lenox & before)

An old digidoc of 85 doctrine booklets from Lenox and before, including:

  • "The Church that Conquers", 
  • "The Doctrine of Success", 
  • "Soul Structures" 
  • "So now you're a Christian"
  • "Divine Creativity vs Constructive Criticism"
  • "The Doctrine of Righteous Lips"
  • and many more titles by Dr. Stevens - from the '60's, '70's & '80's
It is not a perfect digidoc, there are some typo's & layout errors here & there, but as far as I know it's the only one currently out there that's digitized & searchable by text in pdf form.
View here & click on the download arrow at the top to download to your computer. 

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