Chafers Systematic Theology (Chafer)

This is one important set for any Pastor or student's library. There are a number of formats (older editions etc), an electronic version on Olive Tree (for the iPad, iPhone, Windows etc), and an abridged edition (Major Bible Themes), but this full edition (8 volumes, into 4 books, 2 volumes a book) covers all the cardinal doctrines in a very balanced, conservative, old-school, non-compromising, dispensational (not hyper-dispensational), moderate calvinistic (not hyper-calvinistic) free pure grace, finished work perspective (see his book on Grace which is partially taken from this work). Written by the founder of Dallas Theological Seminary, Dr Lewis Sperry Chafer, this Systematic Theology, though a little wordy, very exhaustive, is the best one out there, no question about it. An excellent investment. 

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