Commentary on Galatians (Luther)

 Though I am more of a Word study & exegetical bible studier, not so much a commentary promoter, I was blown away a number of years ago reading Luther's preaching on Galatians. He really has the Spirit of grace and liberty and the gospel brought out so clearly in this one. Though obviously we totally disagree with and do not endorse his other views on such topics as infant baptism, state church, and most seriously, Replacement Theology, we all have blindspots, and they don't (as far as I could discern) taint this record on this very important book: Galatians. When I first started to get a revelation of Grace, I made Galatians a once/ twice a week read. I found this very formative and would recommend it to anyone. Luther's Galatians commentary would go along with a steady diet of Galatians well! Recommended. 

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