Hebrew Greek Key Word Study Bible (Zodhiates)

The best study bible out there in my opinion (for the original language word student). You can get a leather one on the link to the left (I believe only second hand:( ...or many different varieties, paperback, hardcover etc below.. It has many of the key words in the KJV underlined with a special strong code number above it, which you can quickly look up the Greek/ Hebrew meaning in a dictionary at the back, and, if it's a bold code, it'll be in an extended definition in the lexicon with a little word study on the origin and meanings of the word and usage through the Bible. Whereas the NT Zodhiates & the OT Zodhiates gives a code for every word, this combined NT+OT is in a size that you can carry & gives codes for most key words.  Very useful Bible to eat, sleep & carry around with you and have as your main Bible. 5*****

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