150 Free Watchman Nee Books!

This is a truly fantastic FREE resource of 150 Watchman Nee books online, which can be read here. Enjoy them while you can!

  • Watchman Nee was from China 
  • He is one of the greatest Bible teachers I have ever read
  • His understanding of the Finished Work was was remarkable and his words very weighty
  • He was also responsible for a remarkably successful 3rd world missions movement, operating on Mueller & Taylor's principle of "making your needs known to God alone", during very economically challenging times
  • With the exception of The Spiritual Man, most of his books are based on messages he preached, transcribed by others. The most notable of his works are: The Normal Christian Life (Romans), & Sit Walk Stand (Ephesians), both spoken in Copenhagen, around the same time.
  • He gave his life for the faith.
  • Disclaimer: blindspots include: partial rapture, church government issues etc. 
  • For the most part though, balanced and very edifying.

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