Word Studies from the Greek New Testament (4 volume set) (Wuest)

 This set is brilliant! I use it all the time. It goes along with the Expanded Translated by Moody's best, the late Dr Kenneth Wuest, a top Greek Scholar. The Expanded translation goes through the NT, the Word Studies explain why he chose to translate it that way. It has etymological word studies, through most of the NT books, as well as a lovely section called Nuggets in the Greek NT. This is a must have and a great investment. It's also available in digital format from Olive Tree. [Quote from Wuest here]

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  1. Here is a great quote and bit of insight to Wuest's amazing exegetical abilities - very insightful: http://graceremas.blogspot.com/2017/05/millenial-authenticity.html