5 Errors 
Peddled Wholesale
Among the Non-discerning

Some books appear, at first glance, to contain a lot of pretty good sounding truths. They might even use terms like "grace" or "finished work", but embedded in them one can often find one or more of the false teachings below. Use particular discretion when you discern an "uncertain sound" (1 Corinthians 14:8). Some of these teachings, particularly Lordship "salvationism", are completely legalistic and anti finished work, because they add to the gospel of grace. This is not intended as a personal attack, but because certain books publicly admit and promote these teachings, some of their promoters are included below, in the relevant categories. I hope this is useful and ultimately edifying in the true sense of the word:

1. Hyper Calvanism: the belief that God negatively predestines certain men to hell; does not desire to save certain people; does not love certain non-elect people; did not die for the sins of the whole world; and that man's mind and free volition have been locked so that salvation becomes something which happens, unilaterally, against man's will, in a supernatural over-ride. This often results in hyper-spiritual, fake, embelished testimonies and can spiral into a dead works system with plenty of unending, "never enough", never finished, energetic, works, zeal and fleshly human good (in order to prove that you're persevering and genuinely saved). The teaching is rooted in a misunderstanding of the word "Believe/ pistuo" (which is an effortless, non-meritorious decision, to trust, rely, depend, on the character, word, and Finished Work, of Another, in receptivity). They falsely misunderstand salvation to be an "improvement" and think that the single requirement for free salvation (faith) is a work! Some authors include: Piper, MacArthur, Grudem [Quote: "God does not "love the sinner but hate the sin!!!"], & Platt [Quote: "Nicodemus accepted Christ but Christ did not accept Nicodemus" also very unclear on the gospel]. Hyper-Calvanism usually leads to one or more of the following errors in varying degrees...

2. Lordship "salvationism": adding to the simple biblical equation of the pure gospel of grace (found in Ephesians 2:8-9) this subtle extra discipleship requirement for salvation: "make Him Lord" [plus, in various degrees, "commit", "to become a Christ follower" + "become a disciple" + "dedicate"  + "surrender" + "give Him your heart/life" + "be remorseful" + "get radical" + "promise to obey" + "repent" in the false sense of deciding to stop sinning and sincerely telling God you will embark on attempting to live a better life/ turn over a new leaf from now on, or any other such sincere, noble, pious, promise of future works]. This false doctrine was brewed in the 1950's and 1960's, but really broke out in the 1970's. Some authors include: Stott, Idleman, MacArthur, Piper, Grudem & Platt.

3. Anti-Literal Blood: That false teaching which denies that Christ (as typified in the Old Testament, and re-iterated in Hebrews) presented His literal precious blood before the Father. This blasphemous teaching replaces the importance of the blood of Christ with the "death" of Christ. In fact the actual, literal, sinless blood of Christ stands as the actual fulfillment of the Old Testament sacrifices, and actually satisfied the Father's wrath over our sin, once and for all! Authors include: MacArthur is particularly strong on this error, though later he tried to clarify his stance, the clarification, if you read it carefully, is even more blasphemous and explicit than the original error itself. [Quote: "It is not the actual liquid that cleanses us from our sins, but the work of redemption Christ accomplished in pouring it out" and "Jesus couldn't just cut Himself and bleed on somebody and redeem them!!!"]

4. The Social Gospel: This teaching removes the emphasis of Christ's saving work from the gospel. The teaching is that the redemption of sinners from hell was not Christ's primary purpose, but in a very worldly, live-for-now, anti-cross theology, emphasizes humanitarianism as part of the gospel in order to appease the conscience of people who have not understood the finished work of the cross. This is not to be confused with a healthy, love motivated, balanced care for people's outward needs, as led and empowered by love and the Holy Spirit. Authors include: Stott and others.

5. Replacement Theology: The anti-Semitic, old Catholic doctrine that "God has forsaken His people Israel" and, because of their unbelief, they opine that God is finished with them, turns His back on them, invalidated his unconditional eternal promises to them, and replaced them with the church! This lends itself to breaking all the rules of hermenutics, getting away from the one intended literal interpretation and replacing it with hyper allegorizations, spiritualizing away the normal exegetical meanings and isogeting your personal doctrinal denominational bias by privately interpreting the word. Authors include: Stott, Luther and others.

With gems from the likes of NeeChaferNewell, Dr. Wuest, Swindoll, Dr. Hyles, A T Robertson, Vincent, Strong, VineDr. Zodhiates, Dr. Bing, Dr. Stevens, and the 66 inspired books!!... why would anyone in their right mind (before they are established in the genuine "sound doctrine") want to fill their mind with garbage? Read whatever you want, that's fine, but read with discernment. - P. Adam
Guard Your Heart! - Proverbs 4:23, Mark 4:24, Luke 8:18, 1 Timothy 4:1, 2 Timothy 4:3, 1 John 4:1...

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